Olaplex is a ground-breaking product that changed the world of colouring forever. If you’re a fan of hair colouring, and frequently coat your tresses in colour, you probably know you’re not exactly treating your hair in an ideal manner. But Olaplex changed the game and made sure you’re doing your hair justice.

It’s exactly what your hair needs in order to stay hydrated, healthy and shiny. Olaplex is the real deal, which is exactly the reason why you’re seeing it all over social media. It’s time to say Ola to Olaplex, and embrace the miraculous benefits it comes with.

The benefits of Olaplex with your colour service are numerous. Here’s a glimpse of the one’s we especially love about this fantastic product.


It reduces breakage that occurs during the colour process. Even if you’re a true professional and know what you’re doing, you’re bound to cause small damage because of the chemical processes that happen when you’re dying your hair. Which is when Olaplex steps in, as a protective agent, that’s going to drastically reduce breakage.


It enables us to take your colour to an even higher level, and make it lighter than ever before. Why? When you bleach your hair, your opening your hair shaft and breaking the bonds that are within, essentially weaking your hair strands. The lighter you try to go, and the more your hair is exposed to chemical, more bonds are broken. But Olaplex, goes deep into the hair shaft and repairs these broken bonds, and protects your hair from excessive damage.


No matter how good your latest shade might be, if your hair is dry and lacks shine, it won’t look as good as it can be. With Olaplex you’re able to preserve the strength of your hair, making your hair strands healthy, shiny and smooth, no matter what colour you go for. You don’t have to compromise the health of your hair anymore.


Because of the way Olaplex works, from within, it makes your hair easily manageable. This means no frizz and no misbehaving flyaways. Due to the three-step system, two that happen in the salon and one that you use at home, your hair will always be frizz free.


Once you leave the salon, you won’t be faced with the same old coarse, dry hair after the first hair wash at home. You can take Olaplex No. 3 with you and maintain the strength of your hair in between your hair salon sessions. Not only is this great for your hair, it also makes your stylists job so much easier, because the next time you pop into the salon, you’re bringing in smoother, healthier strands, that are easy to work with and colour.

We love, love, love Olaplex which is why it’s a must-have in our salons. It’s like salt and pepper, whenever you spot a colour tube you’re going to spot Olaplex.

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