We’re not just talking about embracing trends, out with the old, in with the new kind of attitude. We’re talking about one of the crowd favourites of 2017 that’s going strong and we love it – natural hair.

Less is more this year, ladies and gentlemen. Ever since life got busier, we’ve all searched for ways to look good and feel good, without investing a lot of time and effort into our looks. Basically, no commitment and easy maintenance.

In addition to low maintenance, it has become increasingly important to be unique by embracing what your mum already gave you. And as soon as everyone realised that natural hair is amazing, and a low key asset to looking on point every day, the trend became all the rage.

Embracing your mane in its natural state motivated stylists to unleash their creativity and find the right cuts and styles to enhance the natural, free movement of hair and indulge in everyone’s  need for a simpler, yet chic do.

Natural hair trend isn’t just about washing your hair and letting it fall effortlessly. Not until you get the perfect cut. Give it a little shape, dimension and volume with layers, and you’ll be ready to embrace your imperfections and ditch hot tools, at least for a little while.

Careful layering accompanied with smart colour choices is used to create the free flow and movement of your hair, which is what this natural hair trend is all about. No perfect polished everyday looks. Less grooming, less taming, more of your natural self.

And if all these weren’t good enough reasons to let go and dive into this trend, we love it because it suits all lengths of hair. Shorter styles go for mid-length bobs that have more layers and texture. And we can’t forget about versatility! Natural hair is extremely versatile, as you can play around with it, change your hair part each day, and achieve a different effect for your everyday needs.

Stay tuned for more on the latest trends from your Studio B.