At the very mention of festivals everyone has a specific picture in mind, and Millennials all over the world jump online to hunt down the latest festival hair and fashion trends.

Festivals are popular amongst most millennials, as it’s a place of great music, festival fashion and cool hairstyles. But it’s also about experience, where you’re armed with your favourite clothing pieces and hairstyles that speak for themselves.

We do know that there are certain trademark accessories and styles that are always present during festivals, but this year we wanted to step outside of the box, and show you our four festival inspired looks.

Hidden Braids

The first look adds some extra dimension to your blonde hair, which may sometimes be just too boring for a festival look. No jewels, no flower crowns, no glitter, just a simple messy braid, peeking through her lovely tresses, along with a side hairline that gives some more showcasing space for the braid. It’s full of life, spirit and completely unconstrained by any norms existent.


Jewels on Jewels

This simple take on festival hair is going to give you serious hair envy, and we don’t blame you. The do is quite simple, with a plain old, centre part and strands that effortlessly fall in their own direction, crowned with a jewelled headpiece that’s so perfect for festivals, or any other formal event that requires you to be just a little bit extra. Not too flashy, yet just enough to achieve the desired vibe.

All About the Braids

When it comes to millennials, they all want to get away, forget about their problems, and focus on being themselves, in a judgment-free environment. This hairstyle, in particular, is the ideal representation of the freedom, creativity, as these braids are everything but ordinary.

Full head of jumbo braids, braided with a faux silver hair, that’s undone at the ends, leaving them a bit messy and in true festival vibes. This is a more edgy and playful and yet still one of the quintessential hairstyles of all festivals.


The Free Flow

Finally, it’s not just about the accessories, buns, turbans and braids. It’s also about using colour to showcase your inner playfulness, without a single twist and pull to your hair. This look is all about colour placement, and subtle hints of your wild side. A couple of delicate face-framing highlights, coupled with random highlights all around, and gentle free-flowing waves are IT. Or as the millennials would say, bombdotcom.