The Grey Hair Tale and How to Handle It

If you’ve joined the grey haired squad just a tad bit early, don’t panic. Although it’s one of the most unpleasant talks for all women around the globe (and some men), it’s a common occurrence that happens to a lot of people. Due to careful hiding, you don’t even know who might be sitting next to you and sharing your struggles. If you’re just not ready to become a silver fox that’s perfectly fine, because you don’t have to. Here’s how you handle the first pops of greys.

  1. Deal With It

There’s nothing you could have done to prevent the greys from appearing. Contrary to some theories out there, grey hair is mostly all genetics. Because your hair strands contain pigments that give your hair colour by producing melanin, once your body stops producing enough of it, your hair strand will actually lose all colour. Having children can often lead to your first silver strands post pregnancy!

  1. Enhance the Grey

So many celebrities are rushing to the salon to get grey hair artificially, so why not embrace it? Since this has been such a huge trend, you can totally pull it off with the smallest investments if you are mostly grey. All you will need is a good silver-based shampoo that’s going to keep the yellow at bay. Try Oribe Silveratti shampoo and conditioner newly launched at Studio B.

  1. All-Over Colour

If you’re not ready to embrace your greys, that’s okay to. That’s where colouring steps in. Most people go for an all-over colour, which is needless to say, high-maintenance, and not the best choice if you only have one or two greys peaking through.

  1. Highlights

A more low-key option would be to go for highlights that are going to perfectly disguise grey hair, foils are completely on trend right now with dimensional looks, we love to use highlights and lowlights for the perfect disguise.

  1. Hair Make-Up

Yes, there is hair make-up! If you don’t want to expose your hair to chemicals, but still want to cover up your greys somehow, there are all kinds of options out there that can serve as a day-to-day concealer for your silver strands. We are crazy about Oribe Airbrush root touch up, covers completely in one spray.

  1. Don’t Pluck

Whatever you do, don’t pluck your greys! Although plucking won’t actually cause the reappearance of more grey hairs, you’re risking damaging your hair forever.

Whether you’re keeping or concealing the grey, we want you to feel confident in your skin and with the hair you’re blessed with.