Would you love to learn how to curl your hair with a straightener to get those beautiful, bouncy locks that look like you’ve just stepped out of a commercial? It might not sound right curling with a straightener, but it definitely has its advantages. Not only are you able to use one tool to style your hair straight as an arrow, but you can achieve luxurious, runway curls as well. Well, grab your straightener because we’re about to talk you through your first straightener curling session and tell you which steps to take along with which steps to avoid completely.


The Big Do’s


* Prep and Protect

We can’t stress enough the importance of using a heat protectant. It will obviously protect your hair from the heat, but will also give it some more shine.  You’re also more than welcome to use a root booster, if you need that extra oomph in your roots. Try Evo day of grace as a moisturising pre styler.

* Section Your Hair

If you don’t section your hair off before you start styling your hair, you might as well not do it all. This means, no big chunks of hair, because you’re going to risk frying your outside edges, and leaving the inside intact and ‘unstyled’.

Take some extra time to do this, and you’ll see that lush curls are possible to make at home. Brush out any knots or tangles, and use an inch section of your hair at a time. Or if you’re a visual person, never take sections of hair that are wider than your straightener plates are.

* Twist

Start off by clamping your hair a little less than half way through. Twist your hair iron or straightener away from the face and turn it 360 degrees so that the ends are away from your face.  Gently pull the straightener down without applying too much pressure until you almost get to the ends, leave a little hair out so you don’t look too curled.

* And Twirl

Afterwards, twirl the piece of your hair to create the desired curl. Simply take your fingers and curl it away from the face.

* Different Techniques

Different kinds of locks require different techniques, but the great thing about curling with a straightener is, you don’t have to change the size of your barrel to achieve a different look.

For example, if you’re looking for looser, beachy waves, all you have to do is take bigger sections of your hair, and turn your straightener 180 degrees away from your face, pulling it downwards at a medium speed. You don’t want to hold your straightener on your hair for too long, if you’re looking for less defined curls.

*Adjust the Speed

You don’t want to hold your straightener in one place, but adjusting the speed is a must if you want to play around with your curls. If you want tighter curls, you’re going for a slower motion, and if you want those sexy, Victoria’s Secret model waves you’re aiming for a higher speed of motion.


Now, the Big Dont’s


* It’s all about steady movement! Never hold a straightener for too long in one place, otherwise you’ll risk burning or creasing your hair. Even, steady movement is key to creating voluminous bouncy locks.

* If you’re not happy with how your curl turned out, don’t rush into the same piece you just curled. Wait for it to cool down first, and go through the same section again to achieve the desired shape.

* Once you’ve curled the entire hair, your job is not done. Shake those curls out using your fingers for a bouncier look, or use a very wide toothed comb and brush out for a looser and structured look, then set it with hairspray like Evo Helmut workable spray.


We love curling with a straightener, because it’s like a multi-tool. Our go to is Cloud nine for heat control (max 150c for thin/medium hair/ and 175c for thick/course hair) We don’t have to change the sizes of the barrel, yet we’re still able to achieve different types of curls! With a little practice, you’ll be curling and twirling in no time. Once you master this look book in for a blow-dry and we will show you how to use a waving wand for totally different looks.