Have you fallen into temptation to chop off your curls, or straighten them, just because they’re constantly giving you the hardest time when styling them? We wouldn’t blame you if you did, but your curly hair doesn’t have to step off the scene if you know how to properly maintain it.

Curly hair is like the diva all of all hair types, and it requires some special care to look gorgeous as you would like it to. It’s constantly affected by humidity, the frizz is like its arch nemesis, and split ends are more likely to pop up every so often. So, to stop your curls from going all kinds of crazy on you, we decided to share a few essential curl maintenance tips that are going to help you nurture your curls, instead of trying to avoid them.


Step 1 – Wash and Condition

Curly hair is naturally dryer and when you use shampoo on the regular, you’re actually drying it out additionally, and inviting the frizz to your hair. Instead of constantly reaching for your favourite, hydrating shampoo, try co-washing. Co-washing includes alternating washing your hair with conditioner only, so you don’t dry out your curls and cause an unnecessary frizz.


Step 2 – Start from the Bottom

It doesn’t really matter what you’re doing – combing or condition, but always start from the ends of your hair, and work your way upwards. It’s easier to detangle your hair without creating excessive breakage.


Step 3 – Give it a Hydrating Boost

As we’ve mentioned before, your curls are probably dryer than the average straight hair strands, so you absolutely have to boost it with some moisture. Hydration is key, and the more hydrated your hair is, the better. Now, that doesn’t mean you should coat it in five different products at once, because that can make your hair look more flat and dry, and simply weigh it down. Ask your stylist to recommend a super-moisturising conditioner and leave it in your curls for at least five minutes. Be patient and do this every time you wash your hair.


Step 4 – Air Dry

As often as possible. We know that’s a bit unrealistic in a busy world we live in, but air drying your hair can help you lock in and keep so much of that moisture in. Moisture means less frizz and easier maintenance, as well as shinier and healthier curls. When you do have time, let your curls run free and dry on their own.

Step 5 – Trim Religiously

Not only are split ends unattractive, they also make your hair harder to manage. Give your curls a proper trim at the salon at least once in 6 weeks. Write it in your planner, put it on your calendar and think of it as the most important day in your life.


Step 6 – Detangle with Fingers

We’ve heard so many horror stories about detangling curly hair, simply because of the wrong way everyone approaches detangling. We recommend you detangle your curls with fingers, but not running them through the locks, but rather separating them with fingers. Start from the ends and work your way up.


Do you have any secret tips and tricks nobody has ever heard of before? We’d love for you to share them with us, and help all curly girls live the curly life!


Would you love to learn how to curl your hair with a straightener to get those beautiful, bouncy locks that look like you’ve just stepped out of a commercial? It might not sound right curling with a straightener, but it definitely has its advantages. Not only are you able to use one tool to style your hair straight as an arrow, but you can achieve luxurious, runway curls as well. Well, grab your straightener because we’re about to talk you through your first straightener curling session and tell you which steps to take along with which steps to avoid completely.


The Big Do’s


* Prep and Protect

We can’t stress enough the importance of using a heat protectant. It will obviously protect your hair from the heat, but will also give it some more shine.  You’re also more than welcome to use a root booster, if you need that extra oomph in your roots. Try Evo day of grace as a moisturising pre styler.

* Section Your Hair

If you don’t section your hair off before you start styling your hair, you might as well not do it all. This means, no big chunks of hair, because you’re going to risk frying your outside edges, and leaving the inside intact and ‘unstyled’.

Take some extra time to do this, and you’ll see that lush curls are possible to make at home. Brush out any knots or tangles, and use an inch section of your hair at a time. Or if you’re a visual person, never take sections of hair that are wider than your straightener plates are.

* Twist

Start off by clamping your hair a little less than half way through. Twist your hair iron or straightener away from the face and turn it 360 degrees so that the ends are away from your face.  Gently pull the straightener down without applying too much pressure until you almost get to the ends, leave a little hair out so you don’t look too curled.

* And Twirl

Afterwards, twirl the piece of your hair to create the desired curl. Simply take your fingers and curl it away from the face.

* Different Techniques

Different kinds of locks require different techniques, but the great thing about curling with a straightener is, you don’t have to change the size of your barrel to achieve a different look.

For example, if you’re looking for looser, beachy waves, all you have to do is take bigger sections of your hair, and turn your straightener 180 degrees away from your face, pulling it downwards at a medium speed. You don’t want to hold your straightener on your hair for too long, if you’re looking for less defined curls.

*Adjust the Speed

You don’t want to hold your straightener in one place, but adjusting the speed is a must if you want to play around with your curls. If you want tighter curls, you’re going for a slower motion, and if you want those sexy, Victoria’s Secret model waves you’re aiming for a higher speed of motion.


Now, the Big Dont’s


* It’s all about steady movement! Never hold a straightener for too long in one place, otherwise you’ll risk burning or creasing your hair. Even, steady movement is key to creating voluminous bouncy locks.

* If you’re not happy with how your curl turned out, don’t rush into the same piece you just curled. Wait for it to cool down first, and go through the same section again to achieve the desired shape.

* Once you’ve curled the entire hair, your job is not done. Shake those curls out using your fingers for a bouncier look, or use a very wide toothed comb and brush out for a looser and structured look, then set it with hairspray like Evo Helmut workable spray.


We love curling with a straightener, because it’s like a multi-tool. Our go to is Cloud nine for heat control (max 150c for thin/medium hair/ and 175c for thick/course hair) We don’t have to change the sizes of the barrel, yet we’re still able to achieve different types of curls! With a little practice, you’ll be curling and twirling in no time. Once you master this look book in for a blow-dry and we will show you how to use a waving wand for totally different looks.



The Grey Hair Tale and How to Handle It

If you’ve joined the grey haired squad just a tad bit early, don’t panic. Although it’s one of the most unpleasant talks for all women around the globe (and some men), it’s a common occurrence that happens to a lot of people. Due to careful hiding, you don’t even know who might be sitting next to you and sharing your struggles. If you’re just not ready to become a silver fox that’s perfectly fine, because you don’t have to. Here’s how you handle the first pops of greys.

  1. Deal With It

There’s nothing you could have done to prevent the greys from appearing. Contrary to some theories out there, grey hair is mostly all genetics. Because your hair strands contain pigments that give your hair colour by producing melanin, once your body stops producing enough of it, your hair strand will actually lose all colour. Having children can often lead to your first silver strands post pregnancy!

  1. Enhance the Grey

So many celebrities are rushing to the salon to get grey hair artificially, so why not embrace it? Since this has been such a huge trend, you can totally pull it off with the smallest investments if you are mostly grey. All you will need is a good silver-based shampoo that’s going to keep the yellow at bay. Try Oribe Silveratti shampoo and conditioner newly launched at Studio B.

  1. All-Over Colour

If you’re not ready to embrace your greys, that’s okay to. That’s where colouring steps in. Most people go for an all-over colour, which is needless to say, high-maintenance, and not the best choice if you only have one or two greys peaking through.

  1. Highlights

A more low-key option would be to go for highlights that are going to perfectly disguise grey hair, foils are completely on trend right now with dimensional looks, we love to use highlights and lowlights for the perfect disguise.

  1. Hair Make-Up

Yes, there is hair make-up! If you don’t want to expose your hair to chemicals, but still want to cover up your greys somehow, there are all kinds of options out there that can serve as a day-to-day concealer for your silver strands. We are crazy about Oribe Airbrush root touch up, covers completely in one spray.

  1. Don’t Pluck

Whatever you do, don’t pluck your greys! Although plucking won’t actually cause the reappearance of more grey hairs, you’re risking damaging your hair forever.

Whether you’re keeping or concealing the grey, we want you to feel confident in your skin and with the hair you’re blessed with.


We’re not just talking about embracing trends, out with the old, in with the new kind of attitude. We’re talking about one of the crowd favourites of 2017 that’s going strong and we love it – natural hair.

Less is more this year, ladies and gentlemen. Ever since life got busier, we’ve all searched for ways to look good and feel good, without investing a lot of time and effort into our looks. Basically, no commitment and easy maintenance.

In addition to low maintenance, it has become increasingly important to be unique by embracing what your mum already gave you. And as soon as everyone realised that natural hair is amazing, and a low key asset to looking on point every day, the trend became all the rage.

Embracing your mane in its natural state motivated stylists to unleash their creativity and find the right cuts and styles to enhance the natural, free movement of hair and indulge in everyone’s  need for a simpler, yet chic do.

Natural hair trend isn’t just about washing your hair and letting it fall effortlessly. Not until you get the perfect cut. Give it a little shape, dimension and volume with layers, and you’ll be ready to embrace your imperfections and ditch hot tools, at least for a little while.

Careful layering accompanied with smart colour choices is used to create the free flow and movement of your hair, which is what this natural hair trend is all about. No perfect polished everyday looks. Less grooming, less taming, more of your natural self.

And if all these weren’t good enough reasons to let go and dive into this trend, we love it because it suits all lengths of hair. Shorter styles go for mid-length bobs that have more layers and texture. And we can’t forget about versatility! Natural hair is extremely versatile, as you can play around with it, change your hair part each day, and achieve a different effect for your everyday needs.

Stay tuned for more on the latest trends from your Studio B.

At the very mention of festivals everyone has a specific picture in mind, and Millennials all over the world jump online to hunt down the latest festival hair and fashion trends.

Festivals are popular amongst most millennials, as it’s a place of great music, festival fashion and cool hairstyles. But it’s also about experience, where you’re armed with your favourite clothing pieces and hairstyles that speak for themselves.

We do know that there are certain trademark accessories and styles that are always present during festivals, but this year we wanted to step outside of the box, and show you our four festival inspired looks.

Hidden Braids

The first look adds some extra dimension to your blonde hair, which may sometimes be just too boring for a festival look. No jewels, no flower crowns, no glitter, just a simple messy braid, peeking through her lovely tresses, along with a side hairline that gives some more showcasing space for the braid. It’s full of life, spirit and completely unconstrained by any norms existent.


Jewels on Jewels

This simple take on festival hair is going to give you serious hair envy, and we don’t blame you. The do is quite simple, with a plain old, centre part and strands that effortlessly fall in their own direction, crowned with a jewelled headpiece that’s so perfect for festivals, or any other formal event that requires you to be just a little bit extra. Not too flashy, yet just enough to achieve the desired vibe.

All About the Braids

When it comes to millennials, they all want to get away, forget about their problems, and focus on being themselves, in a judgment-free environment. This hairstyle, in particular, is the ideal representation of the freedom, creativity, as these braids are everything but ordinary.

Full head of jumbo braids, braided with a faux silver hair, that’s undone at the ends, leaving them a bit messy and in true festival vibes. This is a more edgy and playful and yet still one of the quintessential hairstyles of all festivals.


The Free Flow

Finally, it’s not just about the accessories, buns, turbans and braids. It’s also about using colour to showcase your inner playfulness, without a single twist and pull to your hair. This look is all about colour placement, and subtle hints of your wild side. A couple of delicate face-framing highlights, coupled with random highlights all around, and gentle free-flowing waves are IT. Or as the millennials would say, bombdotcom.


Get the look – See our tutorial.

Get the look – See our tutorial.

Get the look – See our tutorial.