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The Right Way to Take Care of Your Curls

  Have you fallen into temptation to chop off your curls, or straighten them, just because they’re constantly giving you the hardest time when styling them? We wouldn’t blame you if you did, but your curly hair doesn’t have to step off the scene if you know how to properly maintain it. Curly hair is […]

Going grey- now what?

The Grey Hair Tale and How to Handle It If you’ve joined the grey haired squad just a tad bit early, don’t panic. Although it’s one of the most unpleasant talks for all women around the globe (and some men), it’s a common occurrence that happens to a lot of people. Due to careful hiding, […]

Embrace the Latest Trend… Because It’s Natural

We’re not just talking about embracing trends, out with the old, in with the new kind of attitude. We’re talking about one of the crowd favourites of 2017 that’s going strong and we love it – natural hair. Less is more this year, ladies and gentlemen. Ever since life got busier, we’ve all searched for […]

Hair Takes on the Festival Spirit

At the very mention of festivals everyone has a specific picture in mind, and Millennials all over the world jump online to hunt down the latest festival hair and fashion trends. Festivals are popular amongst most millennials, as it’s a place of great music, festival fashion and cool hairstyles. But it’s also about experience, where […]